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അതിരുകളില്ലാതെ പറക്കാം സ്നേഹിക്കാം…സോഷ്യല്‍ ഇടങ്ങളില്‍ ആളിപടരുന്ന വൈറല്‍ ലെസ്, ബിയന്‍, ഫോട്ടോഷൂട്ട്‌, വൈറല്‍ വീഡിയോയും ഫോട്ടോസും കാണാം..



Variety photoshoots are now more common on social media. Once social media is open we can see a lot of variety photoshoots involving different ideas.

Social media users are amazed to see every photo shoot go away. The society has changed to the point where it finds some reason to do photoshoots. Many people are now informing the audience through photoshoots no matter what.

From pre-wedding photoshoots to delivery photoshoots are spreading on social media. Everyone’s goal is to go viral somehow. Variety ideas are the main reason why photoshoots go viral.

That’s why the photographers who take part in the photoshoot are also busy trying to bring variety. More and more we can see glamor photoshoots shining in hot and board costumes. One such Variety photo shoot is now going viral again on social media.

The photos went viral on social media as a lesbian photoshoot. The concept itself is the main reason why photos go viral. A lot of lesbian photoshoots have come out before this.

Models Sithara Vijayan & Archana Das are participating in the photoshoot. Both of these are well-known models. They have participated in a lot of gigantic photoshoots before. This gigantic photoshoot was captured on camera by renowned photographer Jackson Photography.